2020 General Sample Ballots

Sample Ballots for 2020 General Election

Federal & State (English) (Español)
Legislature (English) (Español)
State Board of Education & Board of Regents (English) (Español)
Judicial Retention (English) (Español)
Community College (English) (Español)
Douglas-Sarpy Learning Community (English) (Español)
Natural Resources District (English) (Español)
Metropolitan Utilities District of Omaha (English) (Español)
Public Power District (English) (Español)
Reclamation District (English) (Español)
Educational Service Unit (English) (Español)
Constitutional Amendments and Initiative Measures (English) (Español)
New/Former Resident President (English) (Español)


Please note, these sample ballots only contain state-level contests. To view sample ballots containing contests specific to you, including local-level contests, please contact your local county election office: https://sos.nebraska.gov/elections/election-officials-contact-information