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Frequently Asked Questions

Which statewide offices are up for election?
2022 Elected Office and Maps

Which races will appear on the statewide primary?
2022 Primary Sample Ballots

Who has filed for office?
Statewide Candidate List

Judges Up for Judicial Retention

How do I file as a candidate?
Candidate Information

What dates and deadlines should I be aware of?
2022 Official Election Calendar

How can I get an early voting ballot?
You can fill out an early voting ballot application which is found on our Voter Forms page.

May 2: Last day to request a ballot be mailed to you.

How many people are already registered to vote?
Monthly Registered Voters Report

Which petitions are in circulation for the 2022 General Election?
Petitions in Circulation for the 2022 General Election

Still have questions?
Check out the General Voter Information page or visit our contact us page.

Constitutional Amendment passed by the Nebraska Legislature for the 2022 General Election
The Executive Board of the Legislative Council's Approved Ballot Statement Language for LR283CA
If you have any questions on the contents of the constitutional amendment, please contact the introducer of the amendment, State Senator Eliot Bostar.

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Deadline to register to vote is April 22 before midnight.

Mail Form:
Voter Forms page

Postmark deadline for mailed-in registrations is April 22.

State Offices:
Register to vote at the DMV, Department of Education, and Health and Human Services:

Deadline to register to vote is April 22 at the close of business.

County Office:
County Election Official's Contact Information

Deadline to register to vote in the county election official's office is May 2 at 6 PM.