Secretary of State fee changes FAQ

Secretary of State Fee changes FAQs:


  1. What are the major changes to the business entity filing fees?
  • The new fee structure standardizes the filing fees paid for the various business entity filings, regardless of the entity type. 
  • New formation filings are $110 ($100 if filed online) and subsequent filings such as amendments are $30 ($25 if filed online). Standard portal fees still apply to online filings.
  • The $5 per page recording fees have been eliminated.
  • The fees incentivize online filing by allowing for a $5 to $10 reduction in the filing fee if the document is filed online (standard portal fees still apply).


  1. What are the major changes to the UCC filing fees?
  • UCC/EFS filings fees are changing to $14 ($11 if filed online)
  • The $.50 per page fee for attachments has been eliminated
  • Terminations continue to have no fee


  1. How long has it been since the fees last changed?

Most business entity filing fees have not been changed for more than 20 years. A few fees have not been changed for more than 40 years. The UCC filing fees have not been changed for 17 years.


  1. How does this new fee structure benefit me?
  • Less rejected filings due to fee miscalculations
  • Elimination of the per-page filing fee
  • Standardized fee schedule
  • Reduced the filing fee for filing online


  1. What factors were considered in setting the new fee structure?

Many factors were considered, including the rate of inflation since the last fee change, the fees charged in surrounding states, and the ongoing funding needs of the office.


  1. How can I expedite my filing, so it doesn’t get rejected?

Please check the new fee schedule before submitting your filing.  If you file online the fee will automatically be calculated for you.  We process online filings first, so if the document you are submitting can be filed online, please utilize our online filing service.  If the document cannot be filed online, please make sure you are using an updated form, complete all required fields, and submit the filing with the correct fee.