Truth and Deception Examiners Statutes

Statutes Description
81-1901 Act, how cited.
81-1902 Sections; purpose; how construed.
81-1903 Definitions, where found.
81-1904 Secretary, defined.
81-1905 Examinee, defined.
81-1906 Person, defined.
81-1907 Polygraph, defined.
81-1908 Polygraph examiner, defined.
81-1909 Voice stress analyzer, defined.
81-1910 Voice analysis examiner, defined.
81-1911 Examiner, defined.
81-1912 Private examiner, defined.
81-1913 Public examiner, defined.
81-1914 Truthfulness or deception; detection; license required.
81-1915 License; application.
81-1916 Polygraph; license to operate; applicant; qualifications; affidavit; contents.
81-1917 Voice stress analysis; license to operate; applicant; qualifications; affidavit; contents.
81-1918 Course of study or training; certified facility; proof of completion.
81-1919 Intern's license; qualifications.
81-1920 Application; investigated by Secretary of State.
81-1921 Examiner's licenses; fees; expiration.
81-1922 Intern licenses; fees; expiration.
81-1923 License; not assignable or transferable.
81-1924 License; fee; duplicate license; place of business; displayed.
81-1925 Licenses; revenue placed in General Fund.
81-1926 Public examiner; fee; private examination; second license required; violation; penalty.
81-1927 Licensee; change of address; notify Secretary of State.
81-1928 License; denied, suspended, revoked; grounds; hearing.
81-1929 License; revoked, suspended; surrendered; when.
81-1930 Licensee; service of process.
81-1931 Appeal; procedure.
81-1932 Employee; use of truth and deception examination; when; limitation.
81-1933 Employer; violation; penalty.
81-1934 Secretary of State; rules and regulations; adopt; forms.
81-1935 Act; violation; penalty.
81-1936 Examiner's license; reciprocity; requirements.