Debt Management Statutes

Statutes Description
69-1201 Terms, defined.
69-1202 Debt management; exceptions to act.
69-1203 License; required.
69-1204 License; application; fees; bond; expiration; copy of contract.
69-1205 License; application; investigation; issuance.
69-1206 License; renewal; fee; bond.
69-1207 License; Secretary of State; deny; revoke; suspend; nontransferable.
69-1208 Rules and regulations; promulgation.
69-1209 Licensee; contract with debtor required; contents.
69-1210 Licensee; bank account; separate; books and records.
69-1211 Licensee; examination; cost; payment.
69-1212 Licensee; debtor; fee; agreement; limitations.
69-1213 Licensee; duties.
69-1214 Licensee; acts forbidden.
69-1215 Unlawful acts; penalty.
69-1216 Limitation of actions.
69-1217 Fees; disposition.