Credit Services Organization Statutes

Statutes Description
45-801 Act, how cited.
45-802 Terms, defined.
45-803 Exemptions.
45-804 Prohibited acts.
45-805 Surety bond or surety account; requirements; action on surety; depository; Secretary of State; powers and duties.
45-806 Registration statement; contents; requirements; fee.
45-807 Written statement to buyer; contents; credit services organization; duties.
45-808 Contract; requirements; cancellation; procedure; notice; breach; effect.
45-809 Waiver of rights; void.
45-810 Damages.
45-811 Violation; injunction.
45-812 Violation; deceptive trade practice.
45-813 Statute of limitations.
45-814 Violation; penalty.
45-815 Remedies.