Collection Agencies Statutes

Statutes Description
45-601 Act, how cited; collection agency; license required; violation; penalty; foreign agency; communication authorized.
45-602 Terms, defined.
45-603 Collection Agency Licensing Board; created; members; term; expenses; employees; Secretary of State; duties.
45-604 Board; adopt rules and regulations.
45-605 Board; duties; application for license; filing; issuance; denial; appeal.
45-606 License; application; fee; financial statement; form.
45-607 License; qualifications of licensee.
45-608 Licensee; bond; conditions.
45-609 License; form; display.
45-610 Licensee; employees; solicitor's certificates; form.
45-611 Licenses; certificates; expiration; renewal; application; time.
45-612 Licensee; solicitor; violation; conviction; revocation; hearing; order.
45-613 Licensee; solicitor; complaint; citation; notice; hearing.
45-614 Licensee; solicitor; citation; power to issue subpoenas; depositions.
45-615 Licensee; solicitor; citation; hearing; board; findings; powers.
45-616 License; solicitor's certificate; appeals; procedure.
45-617 Licensee; solicitor's certificate; appeal; effect.
45-618 Licensee; change place of business; notify Secretary of State; new license; issuance; solicitor; employment terminated; return certificate.
45-619 Licensee; board; require financial statement; confidential.
45-620 License; certificates; fees.
45-621 Nebraska Collection Agency Fund; created; use; investment.
45-622 Licensee; solicitor; prohibited from practice of law.
45-623 Collection of public debts; contracts authorized; requirements.