Athlete Agents Statutes

Statutes Description
48-2601 Act, how cited.
48-2602 Terms, defined.
48-2603 Service of process; subpoenas.
48-2604 Athlete agent; registration required; void contracts.
48-2605 Registration as athlete agent; form; requirements.
48-2606 Certificate of registration; issuance or denial; renewal.
48-2607 Suspension, revocation, or refusal to renew registration.
48-2608 Temporary registration.
48-2609 Registration and renewal fees.
48-2610 Required form of contract.
48-2611 Notice to educational institution.
48-2612 Student-athlete's right to cancel.
48-2613 Required records.
48-2614 Prohibited conduct.
48-2615 Criminal penalty.
48-2616 Civil remedies.
48-2617 Administrative penalty.
48-2618 Uniformity of application and construction.
48-2619 Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act.