2024 Primary Sample Ballots

Sample Ballots for 2024 Primary Election

Republican Ballot (English) (Español)
Democratic Ballot (English) (Español)
Libertarian Ballot (English) (Español)
Legal Marijuana NOW Ballot (English) (Español)
Nonpartisan Republican Ballot (English) (Español)
Nonpartisan Democratic Ballot (English) (Español)
Nonpartisan Libertarian Ballot (English) (Español)
Nonpartisan Legal Marijuana NOW Ballot (English) (Español)
State Board of Education & Board of Regents (English) (Español)
Legislature (English) (Español)
Learning Community (English) (Español)
Community College * *
Public Power District (English) (Español)
Natural Resources District (English) (Español)
Metropolitan Utilities District of Omaha (English) (Español)

*Pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. §32-811 (1)(a),  "If the names of candidates properly filed for nomination at the primary election for... members of the boards of governors of community college areas... do not exceed two candidates for each position to be filled, any such candidates shall be declared nominated and their names shall not appear on any primary election ballots.

All Community College contests have met this criteria and will not appear on any primary election ballots.