UCC Document Number Searches

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.0 Introduction

    • Welcome to the UCC Document Number Search FAQ! This document is designed to help you familiarize yourself with the search process, and answer some of the more common questions that you may have about problems that may be encountered in the search process.

      • 1.1 What are document number searches?

        • You may check the Secretary of State's database records to view specific UCC filings. If you know the document number of the original UCC Financing Statement (refer to Section 2.2 Document number format below), you may enter the number in the formatted fields on the UCC Document Number Search screen and if the lien is active, including the one year lapsed period, you will see a copy of the filing.

      • 1.2 What information will I get on the search?

        • Document number searches will show all the debtor and secured party information for that particular filing, and the action history of the lien, which includes the original date and time.

      • 1.3 How does billing work for these searches?

        • The document number searches are free of charge at the current time. You may do as many searches as you wish by document number. If you wish to print off a copy of an image, you will incur a $.45 charge.

  • 2.0 RA-9 Document Number Searches Explained

      • Document number schemes fall into 2 categories: document numbers assigned pre July 1, 2001 and document numbers assigned post July 1, 2001. (Refer to Section 2.2 Document Number Format below.) The only difference between these two document numbers is the addition, post July 1, 2001, of a check digit number. The check digit is now assigned to all incoming documents filed by the Secretary of State's office. The check digit is calculated by the application using an algorithm that looks at all the numbers in the document number, performs a simple math calculation, then produces a new number or 'check digit', based on the results of the calculation.

    • 2.1 How the search is performed

      • When a document number is entered, the application performs a few preliminary checks, then a search is done on the Secretary of State's UCC database to see if the filing exists. If the filing does exist, then the data is returned to you in the form of a web page.

    • 2.2 Document Number Format

      • There are two types of document numbers currently residing in the Secretary of State's system - a 10 digit, and a 12 digit number. The 10 digit is the format used to assign document numbers pre July 1, 2001 number, while the 12 digit is the format used to assign document numbers post July 1, 2001. The format for the first 10 digits on both is the same, and works as follows:

      • Position




        County of Filing

        99 (Secretary of State),

        98 (Nebraska.gov - Online Filings),

        97 (Nebraska.gov - XML Filings)


        Year of Filing

        00 (2000), 96 (1996)


        Id Number

        123456, 000012 (Note the 0 padding on the left)

        For the post July 1, 2001 numbers, there are two additional characters added on to the number. A '-' and a number between 0 and 9 (ie the Check Digit) will appear as characters 11 and 12.

      • Examples: A lien filed at the Secretary of State's office on June 29, 2001 may have the following document number: 9901123456
        While a lien filed at Nebraska.gov on July 2, 2001 would have a document number like: 9801124456-5

    • 2.3 What you need to do for the document number search

      • You will be presented with a drop down menu allowing you to select the county of filing. You will then fill in the 2 digit year, 6 digit document number, and (if applicable), the check digit. If the requested document is an active filing including the one year lapsed period, it will be returned. If you receive a message stating that the document number you have entered doesn't exist, check the document number entered on the document number search screen to be sure you used the correct document numbering sequence.

  • 3.0 Troubleshooting

    • If you have questions concerning searching or policies, call the Secretary of State's office at 402-471-4080.

      If you have questions or problems involving technical support, call Nebraska.gov at 402-471-7810.

      For legal questions, please consult your attorney.