Select Limited Liability Company Statutes

Statute Description
21-104 Nature, purpose and duration of limited liability company; classification for tax purposes.
21-105 Powers.
21-108 Name.
21-109 Reservation of name.
21-113 Office and agent for service of process.
21-114 Change of designated office or agent for service of process.
21-115 Resignation of agent for service of process.
21-117 Formation; certificate of organization and other filings.
21-118 Amendment or restatement of certificate of organization.
21-119 Signing of records to be delivered for filing to Secretary of State.
21-121 Delivery to and filing of records by Secretary of State; effective time and date.
21-122 Correcting filed record.
21-125 Biennial report.
21-127 Statement of authority.
21-128 Statement of denial.
21-147 Events causing dissolution.
21-148 Winding up.
21-156 Application for certificate of authority.
21-157 Activities not constituting transacting business.
21-158 Filing of certificate of authority.
21-159 Noncomplying name of foreign limited liability company.
21-161 Cancellation of certificate of authority.
21-162 Effect of failure to have certificate of authority.
21-163 Action by Attorney General.
21-185 Professional service; filing required; certificate of registration; contents.
21-186 Certificate of registration; application; contents; display; fee; electronic records; use; license verification fee; Secretary of State; duties.
21-187 Certificate of registration; expiration; annual application.
21-192 Fees.
21-193 Notice; publication required; filing.
21-197 Application to existing relationships.