Select Foreign Corporation Statutes

Statute Description
21-304 Foreign corporations; biennial report and occupation tax; procedure.
21-305 Foreign corporations; biennial report; contents.
21-306 Foreign corporations; occupation tax; investigation by Secretary of State for collection purposes.
21-203 Requirements for documents; extrinsic facts.
21-205 Filing, service, and copying fees.
21-232 Registered name.
21-2,203 Authority to transact business required.
21-2,204 Consequences of transacting business without authority.
21-2,205 Application for certificate of authority.
21-2,206 Amended certificate of authority.
21-2,207 Effect of certificate of authority.
21-2,208 Corporate name of foreign corporation.
21-2,209 Registered office and registered agent of foreign corporation.
21-2,210 Change of registered office or registered agent of foreign corporation.
21-2,211 Resignation of registered agent of foreign corporation.
21-2,213 Withdrawal of foreign corporation.