Online Notary Statutes

Statute Description
64-401 Act, how cited.
64-402 Terms, defined.
64-403 Eligibility to register as online notary public; qualifications.
64-404 Course of instruction; examination.
64-405 Fee.
64-406 Registration with Secretary of State; contents; renewal.
64-407 Rules and regulations.
64-408 Types of online notarial acts.
64-409 Electronic record; contents; online notary public; duties; retention period.
64-410 Electronic signature and online notary seal; use; registered device; report of theft or vandalism.
64-411 Physical location of principal; verification of identity; manner; security of communication technology; online notarial certificate; notation required.
64-412 Fee.
64-413 Expiration of registration; resignation, cancellation, or revocation; death of online notary public; required actions.
64-414 Prohibited acts; penalty.
64-415 Electronic certificate of authority; form; fee.
64-416 Violation of act; removal of registration.
64-417 Effect of act on notary public that does not perform online notarial acts.
64-418 Provisions governing online notary public; online notarial act; not available for certain requirements.