Notary Statutes

Statute Description
64-101 Appointment; qualifications; term.
64-101.01 Written examination required.
64-102 Commission; how obtained; bond.
64-103 Commission; signature; seal; filing and approval of bond; delivery.
64-104 Notary public; commission; renewal; procedure.
64-105 Notarial acts prohibited; when.
64-105.01 Notary public; disqualified; when.
64-105.02 Notarization; when.
64-105.03 Notary public; unauthorized practice of law; prohibited.
64-105.04 Change of residence; duties.
64-106 Repealed. Laws 1969, c. 523, s. 11.
64-107 Powers and duties; certificate or records; receipt in evidence.
64-107.01 Oaths and affirmations.
64-108 Summons; issuance, when authorized.
64-109 Civil liability of notary public; actions.
64-110 Repealed. Laws 1945, c. 145, s. 15.
64-111 Repealed. Laws 1967, c. 396, s. 11.
64-112 Removal from state; termination; notice to Secretary of State.
64-113 Removal; grounds; procedure; penalty.
64-114 Change of name; continue to act.
64-115 Repealed. Laws 1982, LB 592, s. 2.
64-116 Transferred to section 64-104.
64-117 Repealed. Laws 1982, LB 592, s. 2.
64-118 Seal; engraved or ink stamp; adopt; use.
64-201 Notarial acts, defined; performed; effect.
64-202 Notarial act; performance; proof of authority; maintenance of records.
64-203 Certificate; contents.
64-204 Certificate of acknowledgment; form; acceptance.
64-205 Acknowledgment, defined.
64-206 Statutory short forms of acknowledgment; use of other forms.
64-207 Prior notarial acts; effect.
64-208 Sections, how interpreted.
64-209 Act, how cited.
64-210 Ink stamp seal; contents.
64-211 Acknowledgment of written instrument; attorneys; real estate broker or salesman; oath; authorized; prior acknowledgments validated.
64-212 Acknowledgment of written instrument; insurance company; credit union; oath; authorized.
64-213 Acknowledgments of written instruments; insurance company; credit union; oath; prior acknowledgments validated.
64-214 Acknowledgments of written instruments; bank; oath; authorized; prior acknowledgments validated.
64-215 Acknowledgments of written instruments; savings and loan association; oath; authorized; prior acknowledgments validated.