Electronic Notary Statutes

Statute Description
64-301 Act, how cited.
64-302 Terms, defined.
64-303 Eligibility to register as electronic notary public; Secretary of State; powers.
64-304 Registration; renewal.
64-305 Course of instruction; examination.
64-306 Fee.
64-307 Type of electronic notarial acts authorized.
64-308 Signer of document; requirements.
64-309 Performance of electronic notarial act; components.
64-310 Notary public's electronic signature and electronic notary seal; use; maintenance of records; notification to Secretary of State of theft or vandalism.
64-311 Registration expiration, resignation, cancellation, or revocation; death of notary public; duties.
64-312 Electronic evidence of authenticity of notary public's electronic signature and electronic notary seal; form.
64-313 Electronic certificate of authority; contents; fee.
64-314 Violations of act.
64-315 Notary public not required to register.
64-316 Rules and regulations.
64-317 Other laws applicable.