Annual/Biennial Reporting

Domestic and Foreign Corporations, Professional Corporations and Nebraska Benefit Corporations biennial occupation tax reports are due in the even numbered years by March 1, delinquent April 15. FILE NOW.

Limited Liability Partnerships annual reports are due every year by April 1, delinquent June 1. FILE NOW.

Nebraska Benefit Corporation annual benefit report is due annually within one hundred twenty days following the end of the fiscal year of the benefit corporation.

Limited Liability Company and Nonprofit Corporation Biennial Reports are due in the odd numbered years by April 1, delinquent June 1.

If your annual/biennial report is not filed in the Secretary of State Business Division by the delinquency date, your company will be administratively dissolved or its authority revoked. Reports may be filed online during the reporting periods following the instructions and using the links provided.

Corporations and Limited Liability Companies administratively dissolved/revoked may reinstate by filing the appropriate forms with the business services division.

Limited Liability Partnerships administratively dissolved/revoked may reinstate within 2 years by filing with the business services division.