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Overview of Online Services

The secretary of state's rules and regulations web pages allow you to track proposed regulations through the various stages of adoption, submit comments online (where allowed by the agency) and receive email notification as proposed regulations go through the adoption process. Click here to view information on the regulation adoption process.

Rules Tracking System

The rules tracking system follows proposed regulations through from the time they are set for hearing until they are adopted. Proposed regulations are organized in chart format, alphabetized by state agency and then by title, chapter and section. You will have the capability to search the site along with printing the chart in a usable format.

Online Comments

The system allows the public and interested parties to submit comments on proposed regulations electronically. Comments submitted online become part of the official record of the rulemaking process. To submit a comment online, go to the rules tracking system and select the regulation that you would like to post a comment to by clicking on the corresponding link. You will be presented a proposed rule and regulation detail screen outlining all of the pertinent information relating to the proposal. Click on the post a comment button and complete the required fields. Once done, click the submit button located at the bottom of the page.

Please note that the online comment function is optional. While most agencies do use this function, some do not, in which case comments should be submitted in writing (on paper) prior to the public hearing or at the public hearing.

Email Notification

This feature allows the public and other interested parties to receive email notification of proposed regulations as they go through the adoption process. You will be notified by email of any proposed regulation promulgated by the agencies you select. Once you have been notified of a proposed regulation, you may choose to have email notifications on your chosen regulation as it goes through the adoption process, including notification of its adoption. Click here to sign up for email notification.