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Uniform Commercial Code

EFS Name Searches

Frequently Asked Questions

1.0 Introduction

Welcome to the EFS Name Search FAQ. This document is designed to help you familiarize yourself with the search process, and answer some of the more common questions that you may have about problems that may be encountered in the search process.

1.1 How the search is performed

Debtor name searches are now performed on the basis of type or categorization of the debtor name. Debtor names are divided into two categories: Individual vs. Organizational debtors. Then the debtor name is converted to what's called a Modified name by removing all spaces and punctuation. This Modified name is then used to perform your search.

1.2 What you need to do for the search

First, check the box indicating whether this is a search for an Individual or an Organization, then fill in the appropriate field(s) next to the box selected. If you need to make a notation, there's also an optional Client field to indicate a billing reference.

1.2.1 Organizational Name Searches

Check the box next to the Organizational Name field, then fill out the debtor name to be searched in the box. The name is then processed and the search is conducted.

1.2.2 Individual Name Searches

It is required that the last name field of the debtor name you are searching be completed. You can enter as much or as little of the first and/or middle name as you like. EFS name searches will pick up initials, as well as full names.

2.0 Troubleshooting

Check here if you have questions on searching or the results. Remember, if you have questions or problems, try here first before calling or the Secretary of State's office.

2.1 I didn't receive a match back on my search, but I know a filing is active on this debtor...

Since the searches are done using Soundex, you have a high probability of finding the name on the first try, if it's an active filing. However, misspelled key sounds of the name may cause the search to fail to bring back results.

If the search is not successful the first time, try widening your search by including fewer parts of the name. For instance, if you're searching on an Organization name, such as John Brown Farms Incorporated, you might try "John Brown Farm" or just "John Brown".

By making your search string shorter, you are increasing the time it takes to perform your search, but you're also getting a much wider variety of results.

2.2 Whom should I contact when I get the following message: 'Try again in 15 minutes'

This is caused by the server not being able to connect to the Secretary of State's server. Should you get this repeatedly during the day, it may be that is having network troubles or that the Secretary of State's server is down.

If you try searching several times during the day, and keep getting this result, contact and see when the service will be available.

2.3 Whom should I contact when I get the following message: "Internal Server Error"

This is a technical problem and you should contact

2.4 Whom should I contact when I get the following message: "Page Not Found Error"

This is a technical problem. The most likely cause is a time out, which indicates that your web browser has given up waiting for's web server to send it the information it asked for. This may be caused by an extraordinary amount of traffic on either or the Secretary of State's server. Please try your search again in 15 to 20 minutes.

3.0 This FAQ still doesn't answer my questions, so whom do I contact?

If you have a question or concern that is not addressed in this FAQ, please see below:

3.1 Secretary of State's Office has information on:

    • EFS statutes
    • Commodity issues
    • Search questions
    • Phone: 402-471-4080

3.2 has information on:

    • Network connectivity issues
    • Technical (computer) based problems/concerns
    • Phone: 402-471-7810

Remember: is a partner to the Secretary of State's Office, not a division of the Secretary of State's Office, and as such, is not qualified to answer any legal questions or concerns that you may have about the EFS search process.

Note: A fee is charged for some services of the Secretary of State's Office. These services are available by mail, in person or online. In order to use fee services online, you must subscribe to


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