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March 13, 2003 (402) 471-1572

Secretary of State John Gale

Announces Members of the State Plan Commission

Lincoln, NE - John A. Gale, Secretary of State for Nebraska, announces members of the State Plan Commission to comply with the federal Help America Vote Act of 2002. The Act was passed to help states correct the glaring deficiencies of our Nation’s election system following the presidential election of November 2000. The first meeting of the Commission will be March 19, 2003.

Gale remarked, "Congress just recently approved $1.5 billion to start major election reform across America. Nebraska will receive $5 million of funds. To qualify for federal funding, I needed to appoint a State Plan Commission to develop a state plan to meet federal mandates."

Members of the commission are Douglas County Election Commissioner; David J. Shively, Lancaster County Election Commissioner; Senator DiAnna Schimek, Chair of the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee in the Nebraska Legislature; Pauletta Gerver, President of the Nebraska County Clerks Association; Carlos Servante, National Federation of the Blind; Kathy Hoell, League of Human Dignity; Lois Poppe, League of Women Voters; Wayne Houston, NAACP; Steve Virgil, Appleseed Center; Amy Bracht, Assistant Secretary of State and Deputy Elections Director; Dr. D’Andra Oery, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Dale Baker, Hall County Election Commissioner; Holly Burns, Executive Director of the Hispanic Community Center; June Remington, Director of Aging Services; and Tim Shaw, Nebraska Advocacy Services.

"I am pleased to announce my appointments to this broad-based and diverse Commission and look forward to working with the members," Secretary Gale said. "The State Plan will be both immediate and visionary for the steps needed to be taken to improve the election system in Nebraska, and I thank the committee members for being part of the process."

The State Plan Commission is responsible for devising a state plan to bring Nebraska into compliance with the 2002 Help America Vote Act to qualify for federal funding. Issues covered will be how the state will establish the election fund; how the federal monies will be used; how the state will meet the new federal requirements; how the state will measure performance in implementing this plan; and how the state will conduct ongoing management of the plan.